Round Table Discussions

8:15 AM–9:15 AM Mar 3, 2023 (US - Pacific)





Accurate and Comprehensive Data Improving Service Delivery

Kimberlee Albers and Alexis Nshamamba, County of Santa Barbara

East 1, Table 1

Progression Housing - Combining Interim Housing With Wrap Around Services and Career Training Programs All Onsite

Eric Boltz, VILLAGER Inc.

East 1, Table 2

Help Reduce Barriers to Lived Experience Advocacy by Showing Your Support for a Federal Proposal

Tiffany Duvernay-Smith, LAHSA

East 1, Table 3

Street Outreach Practice and Partnerships

erica ernst, Renaissance Social Services, Inc

East 1, Table 4

Street Outreach - Best Practices & Creative Ideas

Laura Gorecki, Project Outpour

East 1, Table 5

Incorporating Lived Experience Participation

William Higgins, Homeless Advocacy for All

East 1, Table 6

Changing the Story of Homelessness

Mark Horvath, Invisible People

East 1, Table 7

Access to Mainstream Benefits

Abigail Kirkman, SAMHSA SOAR TA Center at Policy Research Associates, Inc.

East 1, Table 8

Supportive Outreach: A Community Approach to Encampments Removals

Mike Mathias, Anything Helps

East 1, Table 9

The Source (Dignity Bus)

Anthony Zorbaugh, The Source

East 1, Table 10

Merging Faith Communities with Best Practices

Kevin Nye, YouthLink

Grand Ballroom ABC, Table 1

How Can We Arrange Housing First So That It Is an Obtainable Goal?

Arricka Watkins, Medi+ssage

Grand Ballroom ABC, Table 2

Homeless to Housed: Property Management for the Formerly Homeless

Samm Williams, Open Doors

Grand Ballroom ABC, Table 3

Homelessness: Meeting the Needs of Special Populations

Yelba Carrillo, LeSar Development Consultants

Grand Ballroom ABC, Table 4

Nycs New Street Homelessness Advocacy Project (SHAP)

James Abro, SHAP

Grand Ballroom ABC, Table 5

Unleashing the Power of Lived Experience

Lindsay Pacheco, O'ahu Lived Experience Council

Grand Ballroom ABC, Table 6

How Lived Experience Can Create and Lead Systemic Work

Ranee Rock, SHIP Collaborative

Grand Ballroom ABC, Table 7

How Do We Track Outcomes and Returns to Homelessness?

Laura Yen, California Dept. Social Services

Grand Ballroom ABC, Table 8

ALL IN: The Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness


Grand Ballroom FGH, Table (All)

Older Adult Homelessness

Dr. Margot Kushel, MD, UCSF

Junior 1, Table 1

Veteran Unsheltered Homelessness

Anthony Love, Department of Veterans Affairs, Homeless Programs Office

Junior 1, Table 2

Workforce & Friendship Place

Mr. Jean-Michel Giraud, Friendship Place

Junior 1, Table 3

Listening, Learning From and Hiring Those With Lived Expertise

Nikki Reising, Metro Denver Homeless Initiative (MDHI)

Junior 3, Table 1