Session start times will vary by 5-15 minutes.

Time Session Speaker

2:15 P.M.

TT1 When It Works: What’s It Like to Navigate All These Systems?

Jenna Bolyarde

2:25 P.M.

TT2 Centering Lived Experience: How to Grow in Advocacy

Nicole Buccalo

2:50 P.M.

TT3 Not Just Doctors and Lawyers

Marisa Connor

3:15 P.M.

TT4 What’s Occupational Therapy? How to Use the Power of Everyday Activities to End Homelessness

Olivia DePaul

3:40 P.M.

TT5 Ending Homelessness is Still Hard When You’ve Got a Library Card

Rachel Fewell

4:05 P.M.

TT6 Directing the Directors: Bringing Lived Experience to Your Board

David Gillanders

4:30 P.M.

TT7 Risky Business: Understanding How 3 Risk Factors for Unsheltered Youth Lead to Housing Connections 

Colin Haughey

4:55 P.M.

TT8 Homeless to Housed: Walking the Journey of Accessing Mainstream Benefits

Abigail Kirkman